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Welcome back to week 2 of Superb Supper Sundays! Last week, I attempted to include some pictures of the meal my family ate and some commentary on how the meals turned out. As always, the homemade pizza was a success, so I will be repeating that meal with a change of toppings. This time, I am planning to add more veggies. I have also traded my Crockpot Night for Breakfast for Dinner Night because I really did not want to chop up all the ingredients this week! There have also been a few other trades for the themed nights this week. I hope you enjoy!


Weekly Meal Plan – 2/26 – 3/3

Sunday (Breakfast for Dinner) – Homemade Biscuits, Scrambled Eggs, Fruit Salad, Strawberry Lemonade

Monday (Tex-Mex Night) – Vegetarian Chili; Salad

Tuesday (Home Cooked Meal – HMC Night) – Roasted Rosemary Potatoes; Sauteed Kale & Swiss Chard

Wednesday (Italian Night) – Vegetable Lasagna; Steamed Broccoli

Thursday (Mexican Night) – Black Bean Quesadillas; Oven Fries

Friday (Italian Night) – Four Cheese Pizza w/Broccoli; Salad

Saturday (Asian Night) – Vegetable Stir-Fry; Jasmine Brown Rice; Vegetable Dumplings; Fortune Cookies


I will be updating some photos of the meals as they are completed!

Do you have any kid-friendly vegetarian dishes to share? I would love to try them out! Please share your ideas in the comments section below.


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“What’s for dinner?”There have been many days when I knew about as much as the hungry family member who was asking the question. “I’ll figure out something”, has been my usual thought as the minutes in the munchies madness hour (right before dinner) begin to dwindle. Then the importance and benefits of meal planning dawned on me (no, it really took over a year of researching for it to soak in)!

5 Benefits of Meal Planning:

1. Your grocery shopping is streamlined.

2. You and your family know what’s for dinner, so you don’t get the same kind of questions.

3. You are able to prepare items that take a little longer in advance.

4. You don’t run out of ingredients for a dish you were planning to make. Therefore, there are fewer mad dashes to the grocery store and (sometimes not so good) substitutions.

5. You end up spending less time in the kitchen on meal-related tasks.

So, in the spirit of finally understanding all of these benefits, I thought it would be fun to share my meal plan ideas with you in a weekly series called Superb Supper Sundays. My meals run from Sunday to Saturday, however I try to plan out my meals and grocery list on Fridays so that all the grocery shopping can be done on Saturdays. I happen to find that early in the morning on Saturday is the best time for me to shop because I have more free time and the crowd is minimal. (At the present, my wonderful husband has been doing the shopping or Peapod has been making the delivery.)

Weekly Meal Plan – 2/19-2/25

Sunday (Crockpot Night) – Crockpot Hearty Vegetable Stew; Cornbread; Salad

The stew turned out really well and my husband went back for seconds! My son ate all of his too!

This salad has mixed salad greens, tomatoes, red peppers, shredded carrots, dried cranberries, sliced almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Yum!

Monday (Mexican Night) – Bean Nachos; Salad

This was a very tasty dish and we all went for more chips and salsa afterwards!

Tuesday (Caribbean Night) – Steamed Cabbage (Jamaican); Rice & Peas (Jamaican); Festival (Jamaican)

Wednesday (Leftover Night) – Leftover Buffet

Thursday (Mexican Night) – Black Bean Fajitas; Corn

Friday (Italian Night) – Four Cheese Pizza; Salad

A slice was taken out due to an early eater!

Saturday (Asian Night) – Vegetable Fried Rice; Jasmine White Rice; Baked Vegetable Egg Rolls

I will be updating photos of the meals as they are completed!

Do you have any kid-friendly vegetarian dishes to share? I would love to try them out!

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