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I am not talking about the kind that you take a shower with :). I stumbled upon this website this morning called S.O.A.P., which is a method that has been developed to help you get more out of your bible study. It stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. Now in a previous post, My New Devotional Time (“Quiet Time”) Plan,  I shared my 4 steps that I like to follow, devotional reading, scriptures, prayer, praise & worship. Notice that there are some similarities, however in S.O.A.P. the application is a separate step…I have added the praise & worship portion.

S.O.A.P. is not a new method! Those who have been having their “Quiet Times” have been using this journaling strategy for years to deepen their understanding of scripture. However, what I do find innovative about the site www.soapstudy.com that has been created based on this method, is its way of making it more convenient for those who like to use their technology when studying.

You can register online and begin make note of scriptures that stand out to you. Plus, there are fields where you can type in what you have learned in your “Quiet Time” using the 4 parts of S.O.A.P. You can even access your account on your mobile device!

If you are interested, check it out at S.O.A.P!

What method do you use for bible study?


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Praise be to God! Last night, I was motivated by God to change the way that I am having my time with God. As I was looking into finding a different Bible reading plan and find some exciting devotionals, I happened to read a section on About.com about various devotionals. There was also an advertisement about a 30-day devotional series called Daily Devotions – 30 Days of Daily eDevotions that covered many of the topics that have been a challenge for me throughout my spiritual walk.

I have to admit that my “Quiet Times” have been a bit scattered and unfocused recently. 2 months ago, I was doing well. I had my topic of study and the scriptures that I was going to read for the next day all planned out. Then stress kicked in and I began having a tough time making sure that I had a plan. I had too much going on with work and home, that I barely felt that I had a moment to myself to just “get it together”.

I needed a change. I wanted my devotional times to be exciting…something that I was motivated to do. It is always an honor to be able to have time with God and be able to worship Him, however when you add stress and your trust in God starts to waiver, the time can start to feel like an added chore. This perspective needed to be adjusted. I always want to enjoy my time with God!

Therefore, here is my new daily devotional plan:

1. Start with my devotional reading (supplemental) to help focus my mind on the topic for the day(taking notes).

2. Read and write down the scriptures that are related to my topic of study. If the devotional does not reference enough (about 5) then, look up scriptures related to the topic in my concordance.

3. Write down my prayers based on what I have learned and what I need help with. Also, use this time to just pour out what is on my heart to God.

4. Take the time to praise and worship through song. Sing from the hymnal or listen to and sing praise and worship songs from youtube.com. (Try to listen to enough so that my soul and spirit is prepared for the day ahead.)

Please hold me accountable and ask me how my devotional times are going. Maybe we can share what we are learning!

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