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Last time I wrote down 11 things that I was grateful for in my quest to reach 100! I took a couple of days to think about what I wrote and realized…this list could technically go on forever. So for today’s installment, I will continue with my gratitude list #12-25.

Gratitude List #12-25:

12. Having money to buy food to put on the table during these hard economic times

13. Have a library that I can borrow books from for no cost…unless they are returned late (i.e. fines)

14. Having my favorite grocery store (Trader Joe’s) be not more than 15 minutes from my home

15. Being able to watch TV and record shows to watch at a later time (i.e. DVR baby!)

16. Having great friends who are willing to help others out during a time of need

17. Being on bedrest (Wow, I am shocked I said that!) because it is providing me some time to think about life changes that I would not have spent the time thinking about otherwise

18. Being able to read about topics of interest to me – theology, homeschooling, education, current events, cooking, parenting

19. Having dishes that get dirty and need to be cleaned because that reminds me that I have food to eat and mouths to feed

20. Having utility bills to pay because it reminds me that I have a place to live

21. Having a Bible to read because I can use it to help me focus on God’s Word instead of having to do it all from memory or oral traditions as disciples did in the 1st Century church.

22. Being able to be limber, despite how ill I feel on some days (Rheumatoid Arthritis has not taken control of my life!)

23. Having a bed to make because it reminds me that I have a place to sleep

24. Having to discipline my son when he needs it – although it is difficult to do, I know that it is best because long term it will help him to stay on the right track

25. Having periods during the day of peace and quiet – the soul needs moments of rest

What are you grateful for?


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Last night, I had an epiphany! There are so many things to be grateful for regardless of how crazy things are going in your life and if you are anything like me…it seems like things have been doing some back flips! So, I decided that I would start a list of 100 things that I am grateful for, write them down over the next couple of days, and then see where it goes from there. I have to say that I was a bit nervous because I wasn’t sure I would be able to come up with 100 things, but I figure that by at least writing them down, I would be able to reflect on the good in my life when things don’t remind me of a bed of roses! Here it goes:

Gratitude List #1-10 (I thought I would start with something manageable…at least for me):

1. Having a wonderful, loving husband who strives to do his best to meet the needs of our family

2. Having an energetic and curious little boy who loves anything related to sports

3. Having another child on the way who is showing signs of being healthy so far…(I will continue to pray about that one!)

3. Having a place to live that I can take care of and call “home”

4. Having a way to bring in income

5. Having both of my parents

6. Having God’s Word to guide my life

7. Having a shower that has hot running water (there have been a few times where we have had to deal with cold water for a few days…not fun:()

8. Having the internet so that I can search out resources and information

9. Having a car that is driveable

10. Having a backyard where my child can play


11. Living in the United States (I have to say I am not that grateful when I focus on all of the bureaucracy that is apparent in this country, however I am thankful for the opportunities and resources that are available to us.)

Oops…I did say that I would start of with 10, didn’t I? It started to get a bit easier after I got through the things that were apparent and had to think a bit deeper. This is going to be an ongoing project!

What are you grateful for? I would love to hear about them!

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